Personal Loans in Canada

Apply online and get up to $2,500 in minutes

Consumers looking for unsecured personal loans in Canada don’t have to look much further than Slide Financial for their borrowing needs. 

As a direct lender of online personal loans in Canada, we offer fair rates and terms, and we are able to provide a near instant decision about your application when you apply. 

We also offer fast funding and no credit checks, but you should not expect guaranteed approval as there isn’t a lender that can do this and stay in business. Every lender has their own way of doing some kind of credit check. It’s how they try to remove the risk of not being repaid when it comes to lending. 

When you need an unsecured personal loan, working with a direct private lender like Slide Financial is often the right decision.

Canadians with a poor credit history or bad credit rating that might be concerned about applying and whether they qualify should know that since we do not use a traditional check when reviewing applications with the main credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, Transunion) may find that they have a better chance of being approved than expected.

Why Choose Slide Financial

Fast Cash

A faster option for quick cash for Canadians

No Credit Checks

With checks that don’t affect your credit score

Fast & Easy

Easy to apply and fast cash in minutes when approved

Unsecured Personal Loans Canada

A personal loan is a type of installment loan, which means the borrower and lender agree on certain terms, with the lender providing the funds with agreed to rates, fees and duration for repayment. And the borrower agrees to make the monthly payments that cover the rates and fees over regular scheduled payments for the duration.  

What makes a loan secure or unsecure is whether there is collateral involved. An unsecured loan does not require collateral. Where a home loan (mortgage) or auto loan, the product you are purchasing (home/car) is an asset of value. Within the terms for a home or auto loan it will state that failure to make payments can allow the lender to claim the collateral, which means less risk of repayment and why secured loans have lower interest rates. 

With unsecured personal loans there is no collateral, and the lender looks at your application to determine the likelihood of a borrower’s ability to repay. At Slide Financial we do not use the standard methods of checking a credit report with the main bureaus and use alternative means for making decisions. This means no credit check personal loans do exist, and for people with bad credit getting a personal loan can still be an option for many.

These types of unsecured personal loans in Canada are sometimes called an installment loan and provide borrowers with an option to get quick cash, sometimes with rates that can be better than banks or credit unions, since online direct lenders have less overhead.

Online Personal Loans Canada

You might find several options for online personal loans, but Slide Financial does this differently and gradually becoming popular with many Canadians for a few reasons.

Not only is our application process easy and completely online, we also offer near instant approval for many when the application is properly completed, and fast funding that makes us one of the quicker options in Canada for fast cash. 

Please note that if you find an online lender in Canada with mention of personal loans with guaranteed approval, it is probably in your best interest to avoid them. 
Slide Financial offers personal loans in Ontario and plans to also service BC, Alberta and other provinces in future.

Application Requirements

  • must be 18 years of age and citizen
  • need an active bank account
  • require regular income